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“Oaxaca’s culture is not inside a museum or an exhibition. It’s alive.”

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Oaxaca (wa-ha-ka) is in the southern part of Mexico and is known for its indigenous people groups and rich culture. It boasts of much natural beauty and ancient archeological sites. The food is world renown and its mild climate is inviting to all.

Oaxaca city, the capital of the state by the same name,  is home to a quarter of a million people and is a melting pot for indigenous influence.  It is home to beautiful parks and churches as well as many artisan markets and archaeological sites. 

Five Approaches to the Culture of Oaxaca

Indigenous presence

Oaxaca is home to 16 officially recognized people groups. Within these people groups, over 250 indigenous languages are spoken, with Spanish being the common language. These people groups live in the rugged and isolated terrain that makes up this part of Mexico. 

Oaxaca Cuisine

Oaxaca is one of the top food destinations in the world. It is known for its mole sauce, tlayudas, and memelas as well as its cheese, chocolate, chilis, and mezcal. Oaxaca’s food is world renowned due to its unique climate and indigenous influence. 

Archeological Sites

Oaxaca is famous throughout the world for its archeological sites and the history of the Zapotec and Mixtec people that are represented. The most well known places include Monte Alban, Mitla and Yagul.


The culture of Oaxaca is evident everywhere you look. Oaxaca is known for its cultural celebrations which include the Guelauetza (where indigenous groups display traditional dances in traditional costumes) and the Day of the Dead (which is the celebration of All Saints Day in November). 


Artwork is a prominent part of Oaxacan culture. From black pottery to rug weaving, traditional methods of producing handiwork are demonstrated and perfected. Alebrijes, which are wood carved images that are intricately painted with Zapotec designs, are also beautiful works of art. 

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