Serving at ocs

Being a part of the work of OCS is very rewarding! There are many ways, both long term and short term, to be involved with the work of OCS in the lives of these students and in missions at large. This is more than an experience or a job, this is a calling!

          staff needs for this year

secondary history teacher


secondary bible teacher


elementary teacher


secondary science teacher


secondary math teacher


music teacher


vice principal


office recepcionist


          volunteers opportunities

Depending on your length of stay, interests and qualifications, we have many volunteer opportunities. Short, medium and long term.

This is more than an experience or a job, is a calling!

From a few days up to a week, we have people share during chapel time, be a guest presenter in a class, substitute in classes, speak at in-services/retreats, volunteer in classrooms, conduct educational evaluations, or do a short improvement project around campus.

For periods of time such up to two months, we have had people work in more involved improvement projects, long term sub opportunities, teach an elective class, provide individual tutoring or coordinate special events such as drama productions, choir performances, or student retreat/outreach trips. 

For those desiring a semester-long opportunity of service, we have many teaching opportunities, from academic classes to teaching electives to long term subbing.

We are always looking for long term teachers to come and serve at OCS. Teachers must be committed Christ followers, like-minded with our mission, goals and fundamental statements with a calling to educate and care for the children of missionaries.

 For those interested in a service opportunity for any length of time, please contact OCS for more details. 

All volunteers, regardless of length of time, must come under the authority of a church or sending agency. Since all positions are volunteer, there is no stipend or salary available.

You can be an assisting, tutoring, teaching or  coordinating volunteer.